Krishnabai Limaye Gymnasium

Krishnabai Limaye Gymnasium was started in year 1928.

Remembering that Lokmanya Tilak emphasized the need to take care of health which he demonstrated in his life by forgoing one year of his post –matriculation period for improving health, LSSP focused on Gymnasium as one of the most important aspects of its activities from its early formation.

Children's Section (for age group 6 to 14)

Provides training in mass drill physical exercises, yogasanas, mallkhamb, gymnastics, martial arts, etc. through daily evening sessions of two hour duration on its playground of over 5,000 sq.ft. called 'Swatantryaveer Savarkar Ground'.
Professional instructors are appointed to prepare students for competitions in various gymnastic activities. Students of this wing have been regularly winning awards/ medals in competitions both at the State and National levels.

Makarand Ghanekar Adult Section:

It comprises 1600 sq.ft. hall with air conditioning facility and modern equipment/tools for exercise as also special coach to provide scientific guidance and support. The facility is open both for men and women with suitable timings.
This section also conducts training classes in rifle shooting under skilled couches with enrolment of about 25 to 30 young boys and girls. Students have proved their skills by bagging prizes/ medals at the State level competition.